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Graphic Design

Logo Design

From books to blogs, from trucks to ninjas. I've done my fair share of logo design since I started my career in 2005.

Logo Designs

Print Design

Print is not quite dead yet. If it was I wouldn't be called on to do so many press checks. In addition to the usual tools (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) I'm also quite adept at InDesign, sequential layout, and getting things ready for print.

Oh, I can make eBooks too.

Book Covers Sequential Designs

Full-Stack Web Designer

Being a full-stack designer means I can create realistic web design mockups and turn them into HTML/CSS with little lost in translation.

I have worked with programmers all throughout my design career creating interactive gallery installations, a complete learning management system, and other software including games.

I understand how programming works and can speak the language. In fact I can even do a bit of code myself (in Processing, just in case you are wondering). This allows me to integrate exceptionally well in cross-disciplinary teams. My wide range of knowledge and skills allow me to contribute in areas that are outside my expertise. To be an agile and creative company, you need people on the inside who understand the world around them, and can communicate with everyone else in the team.

Web Design

From Wireframe to HTML/CSS

Here's an example of a site built with a content management system that had very little lost in translation from the approved Adobe Illustrator mockup to the live site. Any differences you see between the two were improvements based on client feedback.

Nelson Westerberg Website
Websites Websites

Bringing Illustration to Design

I don't need to rely on stock photos to add imagery to a design. I can draw, paint, and create 3D models from scratch.

Being able to draw and communicate complex ideas visually is why I've been creating medical illustrations over the past several years. Being able to communicate visually has proven a vital skill as I work with teams to help them plan complex projects.


Illustration and Web Design

The Cooking Dish wanted a series of headers for their blog to be replaced seasonally. Here's the whole lineup.

The Cooking Dish Headers The Cooking Dish Headers The Cooking Dish Headers The Cooking Dish Headers

Medical Illustrations


Vis Dev & Character Design

Being able to create appealing characters is a useful skill when there is a need to deploy weaponized cuteness for a company's brand.

Book Covers

3D Product Renderings

Book Covers

Motion and Installations

Don't worry, the video has no sound.


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